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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Grimeaway News!

Grimeaway was established in 2004 as a pressure washing business.  It wasn’t long before grimeaway began performing many other services such as kitchen exhaust cleaning, carpet cleaning, paint striping, seal coating and other services.  

The recession of 2008 and 2009 along major rising gas prices caused us to reconsider our business model at which time Grimeaway began navigating toward commercial cleaning and supply which is in operation today, you just do not see a lot of Grimeaway marked trucks and trailers as you once may have.  

Grimeaway opened up a storefront business location located at 427 N. Broadway in Ada named Grimeaway Auto Detail.  Many people have asked if Grimeaway is still in business and the short answer is yes.  The detail shop for the past couple of years has been operated on an appointment only basis as the detailers are paid on a commission basis and the owners had other full time duties.  

The great news is that after Destry's retirement from the PD, he will be working on Grimeaway projects as well as Grimeaway Auto Detail and within the next six months you will start seeing a major transition to the property and business operations that will offer you a comfortable and inviting one stop shop for many of your automotive needs such as Detailing, ceramic coating, alloy wheel repair and restoration, paint correction, odor removal, headlight restoration, windshield chip repair, interior repair: vinyl, leather and carpet repair and the biggest news of all is Paintless Dent Repair!  
Hail damage, door dings, collision dents and bumper repair all at one location!  (Coming Soon Sep 2022) Cleanup, rebranding and service certifications take time!

We will be rebranding to Grimeaway Autoworks and we are excited to bring all of this to you at our Broadway location! Grimeaway is also an independent Amsoil distributor, whether your Harley needs a 3 hole oil change or you’re a DIY kinda person, we have you covered. 

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