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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Why Amsoil Synthetics?


Differences begin at the molecular level

Although you might know that synthetic oils outperform conventional oils, you might not understand why.

Synthetics don’t contain the impurities and molecular irregularities inherent to conventional oils. Synthetics’ pure, uniform molecular structures impart properties that provide wear protection, extreme temperature performance and fuel efficiency conventional lubricants just can’t touch – all of which helps you save money with vehicles that run better and last longer.

A modern passenger car/light truck engine can surpass 230°F (110°C), and higher if towing or hauling heavy loads at the height of summer. Many vehicles today use smaller, more power-dense engines to allow automakers to meet tighter fuel-economy regulations without sacrificing power.

Turbochargers are key to striking the optimum balance between fuel economy and power/torque, which is why you can find them on many new vehicles. While they enhance performance, turbos come with a downside: they create extreme heat, which can reduce engine performance and life if your oil isn’t up to the challenge.

Heat can create deposits & sludge

Heat can quickly break down motor oil, creating deposits on the intake valves, which impede airflow into the engine and contribute to poor sealing of the combustion chamber. This can lead to…

  • Rough idle
  • Misfire
  • Reduced power
  • Reduced fuel economy

Extreme heat also depletes the oil’s additives sooner, altering the oil’s chemistry and preventing it from lubricating, cooling and protecting as designed. Sludge can form, which clogs narrow oil passages and prevents oil from reaching vital components, causing wear. Preventing sludge is particularly important in engines that use variable valve timing (VVT). Intricate parts sensitive to sludge can fail to operate properly, resulting in reduced performance.

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil has 50% more detergentsD to help keep oil passages

clean and promote oil circulation. Engine failures due to sludge are often caused by a plugged oil pick-up tube screen – the motor is effectively starved of oil.

The Sequence VG Engine Test measures an oil’s ability to prevent sludge. During the test, a Ford* 4.6L engine is subjected to sludge-inducing conditions for 216 hours. The industry standard allows for 10 percent blockage before the motor oil fails the test.

Signature Series produced a screen virtually free from sludge (see image). Its detergent and dispersant additives are so effective, Signature Series provides 90% better protection against sludge.DD


Signature Series virtually prevented sludge on this oil pick-up tube screen.

Deposits reduce turbocharger performance

Turbochargers rotate up to 300,000 rpm, which is 50 times faster than an engine running at 6,000 rpm. In addition, the exhaust gases that spin the turbine can exceed 1,000°F (538°C). Extreme speed combined with intense heat can create deposits on the turbo shaft and bearing, known as “turbo coking,” which can reduce performance and ultimately ruin the turbo.

Motor oil is responsible for cooling and lubricating the turbo, meaning it’s best to use the highest-quality oil you can find to protect your hot-running, turbocharged engine.

AMSOIL Signature Series fits the bill. It’s formulated with premium synthetic base oils that naturally resist heat and top-shelf additives to help keep components clean. In fact, it protects turbos 72% better than required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification.C


Signature Series controlled heat and minimized performance-robbing deposits on the turbo-bearing and shaft surfaces.

In extreme heat generated by today’s turbocharged engines, Signature Series’ high-performance additives and quality base oils offer improved resistance to heat, maximizing the performance and life of your engine.

Dvs. AMSOIL OE Motor Oil, DDBased on independent testing of AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the ASTM D6593 engine test for oil screen plugging as required by the API SN specification. CBased on independent testing of AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the GM turbo coking test. *All trademarked names and images are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. No affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, is made by their use.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Auto Detailing Appointments

Call 580-272-0900 and book your Auto Detail Appointment!

The shop may look closed at the moment while we cleanup and transition, but we are still booking appointments.  Great things are coming, please bear with us, we very much appreciate your support and business. 

Grimeaway Auto Detail 427 N. Broadway Ada


Grimeaway News!

Grimeaway was established in 2004 as a pressure washing business.  It wasn’t long before grimeaway began performing many other services such as kitchen exhaust cleaning, carpet cleaning, paint striping, seal coating and other services.  

The recession of 2008 and 2009 along major rising gas prices caused us to reconsider our business model at which time Grimeaway began navigating toward commercial cleaning and supply which is in operation today, you just do not see a lot of Grimeaway marked trucks and trailers as you once may have.  

Grimeaway opened up a storefront business location located at 427 N. Broadway in Ada named Grimeaway Auto Detail.  Many people have asked if Grimeaway is still in business and the short answer is yes.  The detail shop for the past couple of years has been operated on an appointment only basis as the detailers are paid on a commission basis and the owners had other full time duties.  

The great news is that after Destry's retirement from the PD, he will be working on Grimeaway projects as well as Grimeaway Auto Detail and within the next six months you will start seeing a major transition to the property and business operations that will offer you a comfortable and inviting one stop shop for many of your automotive needs such as Detailing, ceramic coating, alloy wheel repair and restoration, paint correction, odor removal, headlight restoration, windshield chip repair, interior repair: vinyl, leather and carpet repair and the biggest news of all is Paintless Dent Repair!  
Hail damage, door dings, collision dents and bumper repair all at one location!  (Coming Soon Sep 2022) Cleanup, rebranding and service certifications take time!

We will be rebranding to Grimeaway Autoworks and we are excited to bring all of this to you at our Broadway location! Grimeaway is also an independent Amsoil distributor, whether your Harley needs a 3 hole oil change or you’re a DIY kinda person, we have you covered. 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Wyatt helps out for summer

 Teaching your kids valuable life skills and trades is invaluable, I can remember going with my dad and grandfather to this very home when I was a child and watching then do repairs to floors, plumbing, porches etc.   My grandparents purchased this house many decades ago for a rental.  I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the house myself preserving many memories and allowing me to share those memories as well as teach skills to my children.  

Why Amsoil Synthetics?

  Synthetic vs. Conventional Differences begin at the molecular level Although you might know that synthetic oils outperform conventional oi...